Edited in 14 issues between 1963 and 1974 by HENRI CHOPIN as a follow-up to literature magazine CINQUIEME SAISON // Periodical Anthology of Sound-Poetry, Visual-Poetry, Conceptual-Poetry, Theoretical Texts, Drawings, Screen-Prints, Posters etc. // Format: Portfolio with original Artworks such as posters, leaflets, text-based work and concrete poetry etc. produced for OU (mostly unbound) + Vinyl-Record for the Sound-Poetry and Acoustic Works.

In 1963, french poet, artist and inventor of contemporary (media-technical enhanced) 'poesie sonore' Henri Chopin started the periodical artists publication REVUE OU (successing the literature review Cinquieme Saison, of wich he was the editor from 1958 on) - a self-published showbag containing heterogeneous material, most of it exclusively produced for OU: various paperwork and screenprints in various sizes (some oversized), typewriter-poems and odd collages, foldout leaflets and small objects, playful tinkered design handicrafts, instructions for performances, and even sculptures (in the luxury editions). Each issue (except Nrs. 22, 25 and 32) contained a vinyl-record for the Sound-Poetry and other Acoustic Art that had been contributed.

All contents of OU Nr. 26/27 exposed

The OU combined conceptual poetry / literature, concrete art and sound-poetry to push the borders of abstraction from artistic sense and meaning towards a liberated asemantic art with strong connections to its materiality.
This publication has been influenced by crucial avantgarde artists and movements like Conceptual Literature, Abstract Art, Dada, the Lettrist International amongst others.
Besides all the contemporary original works that have been produced for OU, Henri Chopin threw in some historical references in the form of re-publication of works of Anatol Stern, Marcelle Cahn, Jeff Golyscheff, Raoul Hausmann, Stefan and Franciszka Themerson, Pierre Albert-Birot, Joseph Lacasse etc.

Raoul Hausmann: Le Phoneme Jef Golyscheff (in OU 38/39)

Gianni Bertini: Vibrespace (in OU 20/21)

Humor and playfulness have also been an important part of the Revue OU: fold-out paper-poems, a funny badge with a pun and even a board game about the OU project itself were contributions in OU.
Last not least, there were some more theoretical and even some polemic texts published in OU: Henri Chopins reply to an article in OPUS magazine by Francois Dufrene criticising historical Lettrism amongst others (IL FAUT BIEN RIRE UN PEU - YOU'VE GOT TO LAUGH in Nr. 42/43/44); his OPEN LETTER TO APHONIC MUSICIANS (Nr. 33); a short essay on 'machine poetry' (Issue 20/21), Henri Chopins attack to US-president Nixon ("Mr. Ugly" on the inside cover of Nr. 38/39), or Jean-Claude Moineaus Manifeste SIGNIFICATIONS.

CONTRIBUTORS besides Henri Chopin: Gianni Bertini, Brion Gysin, Bernhard Heidsieck, William S. Burroughs, Francois Janicot, Jean Dupuy, James Guitet, Jean Berthier, Paul-Armand Gette, Francois Norguet, Antonio Berni, Jan Burka, Dom Sylvester Houedard, John Sharkey, John Furnival, Edwin Morgan, Ian Hamilton Finlay, Roberto Altmann, Raoul Hausmann, Francoise Saint-Thiebault, Claude Pelieu, Mimmo Rotella, Francois Dufrene, Pierre Clercq, Paul de Vree, Guy Foreau, Kosice, Olle Svanlund, Man Ray, Jean-Loup Phillipe, Jiri Kolar, Dora Feilane, Rodolfo Krasno, Laura Sheleen, Les Aelys, Jean-Clarence Lambert, Alain Jouffroy, Cozette de Charmoy, Richard Orton, Alice Hutchins, Hansjoerg Gisiger, Jean Degottex, Hansjoerg Mayer, Carl Frederick Reuterswaerd, Ben Vautier, Spacagna, Julien Blaine, Melo e Castro, Yaacov Agam, Alain Arias-Misson, Aude Jessemin, Luc Peire, Axel Knipschild, Luigi Ferro, Jaques Costine, Joseph Lacasse, Jean Claude Moineau, Bob Cobbing, Anna Lockwood, Ake Hodell, Michel Seuphor, Gomez de Liano, Hugh Davies, Tom Phillips, Paul Neuhuys, Paul de Vree, Marcel Janco, Sten Hanson, Bengt Emil Johnson, Richard Aaron, Nicholas Zurbrugg, Michel Corfou, Jo Verbrugghen, Jaques Bekaert, Marcel Marien, Jochen Gerz, Arrigo Lora-Totino, Henri Maccheroni, Charles Amirkhanian, Ladislav Novak etc.


-> Discography of some issuses of REVUE OU
-> Italian Publisher ALGA MARGHEN released a Re-Issue of OU in 2002 wich contained the complete Sound-Recordings as well as some of the Graphical Works
-> In 1974 Chopin published a Book A Propos de OU - Cinquieme Saison with publisher Jo Verbugghen.